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Welcome to REC Toronto

A Creative Catalyst for Brand Evolution

We are a growing Brand Management Strategy Consulting Agency specializing in aiding startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to maximize their marketing and clientele potential.

Comprised of passionate marketers, talented consultants, and excellent strategists, our team is enthusiastic about creating value and growth for any and all clients.

Let us help you define and amplify your brand. Our team will work with you to shape the brand in a way that best expresses you!

From keyword research and ad creation to campaign management and optimization, we'll ensure your message reaches the right people at the right time!

Want to deliver your products straight to customer and gain organic engagement? We will engage our ambassadors to help promote your brand!

Let us help your venture gain exposure through our growing entertainment and creative newsletter with a stunningly diverse audience and a high open rate!

Receive professional consulting services to define a tailored growth strategy for your venture. Our consultants and strategists will meet with you to learn more about your goals and offer expert advise.

What Our Experts Help With

Building Strong Partnerships from Global Corporations to Local Gems

At REC, we pride ourselves on fostering a dynamic and inclusive network of partnerships. Our vibrant community boasts over 50 partners, a diverse tapestry of collaborations that range from multinational corporations to thriving local businesses. Each partnership is a testament to our commitment to diverse perspectives and mutual growth.

Our corporate partners bring global insights and a wealth of experience, contributing to a rich exchange of ideas and resources. Equally important are our local business partners, the heart and soul of our community, who infuse our network with their unique flavors and local expertise.

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